About us

Spanish on the move, a full immersion language experience, was founded in 2011. We love sharing our passion for the Spanish language and our knowledge of the customs, traditions and culture of Argentina and Latin America, and we hope to convey our enthusiasm to you, to make learning a pleasant and effective experience.


Mónica Difulvio  has been teaching Spanish for more than 15 years now in different Latin American countries, helping migrating families and travellers. 

In 2018 the Fundación César Serrano and Museo de la Palabra in plenary session granted her the appointment of Ambassador of Argentinian Spanish in the world.

About Mónica

I love teaching as much as I love writing.

correct and translate essays, novels, consultancy projects and other texts. I am particularly interested in activities involving communication, culture, human rights, arts, environment and sustainable development.

Throughout my life, my formal education in finances and accounting developed into a career that has always been close to teaching in general, and perfecting language skills in particular. This provided  the perfect framework for Spanish on  the move.

Tel: +54 9 11 5800 4673

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